You call death for yourself by offending your mother – Herbalist

You call death for yourself by offending your mother – Herbalist

Founder of Akanayo Herbal Center, Alhaji Dr. Akanayo, has advised people who have offended their mothers to go back and apologize to them.

According to him, anyone who offends their mothers are endangering themselves. “You’re destroying your future and also asking for short life if you have unresolved issues with your mothers.”

“More especially if you’re a man, any woman you find yourself with in future can punish you because of what you did to your mother,” he disclosed.

He emphasized that, words spoken by mother has a huge impact on the lives of their children, “hence you enslave yourself once you start ignoring your mother and paying no attention to her.”

Speaking to Rev. Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9FM’s NsemPii, he said, “When this happens, the devil can easily bring a woman into your life to destroy you and this can mess your entire life up.”

The herbalist believes that mothers should not be left unconcerned and should be treated with a lot of care and attention.

He further disclosed that one secret to good living is praying for your mother.

“Just ask for whatever you want in your mother’s name instead and it will come to you. If you want wealth pray and ask God to bless you with wealth and your mother with long life so she can live long for you to take good care of her. If you also want to live long ask God to give your mother long life and you’ll have it. If you want to be a blessing, ask God to bless your mother and everything you say to her, you’ll see it manifest in your life,” he said.

He advised people who have wronged their mothers to go back, remorsefully ask for forgiveness else they’re headed for destruction.


Asare Solomon Aristocrat
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