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It’s another beautiful morning in January, the sky looks bright, the sun is out, the birds are chirping and I can hear the constant crowing of a rooster from a distance. You should probably know that I’m a bit of an over-thinker by now, so I slept the previous night pondering over why I write these blogs. For me, it’s therapeutic to put down my thoughts in writing and share my feelings about certain subjects with the outside world. But I believe why I do what I do is ensure that through shared experiences whoever comes across this doesn’t feel lonely on their journey through life. We’re all trying to figure it out and we need a support system.

Let me guess, you’ve probably broken your New Year’s resolution already (I know I already have) but I’m not here to judge. Just be careful to keep working toward whatever objective you have established.

Roll in the New Year now, 2023 feels like the chapter in our stories where we are finally due whatever we’ve been working towards. I keep getting asked why I have so much optimism for what the future holds and I reply with just one word: God. Because if God is for me who shall be against me? Although it definitely doesn’t feel that way right now, have faith that God has your back in a way that no one else can. I stress that if you ever get hurt against your will, it’s just a test from God and nothing else.

Confidence in God’s promise without commitment to his process is not dependence, it is a delusion. In as much as we’re believing in God’s promise for us, we have to also be committed to the process of achieving that promise. That is the wilderness period where our vision and realities are saying different things. We all find ourselves in that waiting season which is inevitable. We all experience the inevitable waiting period in our lives. In order to handle our blessings when they inevitably come our way, we need to be more dedicated and committed to the process whereby God is edifying us and giving us the tools, we need. You’ll be tempted to expedite the process and appoint yourself, so be careful not to do that. You’ll observe something simpler, faster and cheaper, but that is a compromise. Don’t fall for mediocrity.

We all struggle in life and have weaknesses and flaws which we are sometimes ashamed to admit. Admitting our weaknesses may not be the most popular thing since it makes them genuine. There is a lot of healing in acknowledging your challenges but we sometimes go far more than just acknowledging, we become advocates of our weaknesses. We go far as using it as justification for our inequities (Our weaknesses become a crotch in our lives). If you argue for your limitations then you get to keep them but if you agree with God about your potential, then u get to outgrow them. You don’t get to find workarounds and systems around what God is working on in your life. Right now, anything that’s keeping you from being what God’s called you to be, you have permission to quit. Don’t be more committed to your limits than your potential.

So live life with no regrets, take initiative towards your dreams, and be more intentional about everything and everyone along your journey. Chin up, walk with pride, and don’t let the hurt and your failures define you. Laugh as much as you breathe and love fearlessly as long as you live.

P.S: Our true self is who God says we are and what he created us to be


Asare Solomon Aristocrat
Asare Solomon Aristocrat

I’m Solomon, the CEO of Voix Of Ghana Media ( VOG MEDIA, and Aristocrat Charity Foundation ( ACF). Aside blogging, I am also a Forester, Philanthropist, a Publicist, and a Promoter.

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