There’s blessings in honouring your husband, hold him tight; Good husbands are scarce – Funke-Adejumo to women

There's blessings in honouring your husband, hold him tight; Good husbands are scarce - Funke-Adejumo to women

Funke Adejumo, a Nigerian author, international speaker and pastor of the Agape Christian Ministries, has urged women to give their husbands the best honour they deserve.

She said women must learn to be humble. “Even if you don’t know how to kneel to greet your husband, give him the highest level of honour in your culture and you shall be surprised at the level of blessings you shall receive from God.”

He added, “Normally, in modern times most women think honouring a man too much is culturally outmoded in some jurisdictions. Even in most African cultures where the African man was revered and honoured as a ‘God’ is now changing with the influx of Western education and ways of life which had contextualised some aspects of the African culture as a form of slavery and that has affected most homes as our societies have evolved.”

This, Pastor Funke-Adejumo admonishes women to honour their husbands no matter the circumstances or environment they find themselves.

She added “There is no honour I will give to anybody on earth if I have not given it to my husband. Anybody, spiritual leaders, secular leaders, it doesn’t matter but I’ve given it to my husband first,” she posited.

In her admonishment to women, Mrs Felix- Adejumo stressed, “The way you treat your husband is actually the way people will help you treat him.

“Even if you call yourselves by your first name, when you go outside, hide it, get a pet name for him and use it, because the way you treat your husband is the way others would treat him regardless of one’s culture.”

She further underscored that “There is no man you treat like a king that would not treat you like a queen”.

The International speaker noted that three things exist within every husband: She said, inside every man is a little boy who wants to come out and play. “The way you address him is the way he will respond to you.”

Secondly, she added that every man is a king who wants to reign. Explaining, she indicated that a man can be as short as a bottle but no woman should take such men for granted. “If you treat your man well, love can let him act in ways you might think he is stupid, but he is not.

“Out of love, he might be doing everything for you, but when you continually disrespect him, he may decide to show you his masculinity, it is there that, you shall know that his shortness is an advantage”.

Mrs Felix-Adejumo advises women never to dishonour your husbands in the presence of people or children. “In private or in public learn to honour him. There is a Level of blessing that comes into your life as a married woman if you know how to honour your husband”.

Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo said these in a sermon she delivered to women monitored on her YouTube channel called “Funke Felix-Adejumo”.

According to her, sometimes her husband tells her that, the reason why God is blessing her is because of him. “So I treat him special”.

In her concluding remarks, she said, “Don’t have a Canadian marriage, don’t have an African marriage, don’t have an American marriage, have bible marriage.

“If you know how to honour your husband, there is a level of blessing that comes into your life. A good husband is very scarce, if you have one, please keep him. He may not be perfect, he has his challenges, he has his fears, but don’t use his weaknesses against him.”


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