Tell your wife how much you earn because of mistrust – Austin Gamey to husbands

Austin Gamey

First, it might be doubting your partner and feeling uncertain about their trustworthiness and dependability.

Austin Akufo Gamey, a labour consultant has charged husbands to disclose their monthly salary to their wives.

He said due to mistrust, marriages are collapsing.

His reactions come after labour unions in the country called on the government to pay the 20% COLA to all public sector workers to enable them to cope with the high cost of living.

Speaking on TV3, Gamey said “at the end of the day I will like [men] to disclose now whether their wives know how much they earn. You heard the Ghana Statistical Service release that about 520,000 people divorce in Ghana, about 420,000 separated, it is all because of dishonesty and it is at the workplace also.”

He cautioned against any move to grant them the 20 percent COLA because, in his view, it will have dire consequences on the public purse.

Gamey urged the government and the labour unions to have honest conversations devoid of the threat of dismissing somebody for expressing critical views, in order to reach the desired solution.

“The solution to this problem is, the workers and other leadership, they are not oblivious of the fact that if 20 percent COLA is given the consequences may turn out to be something. Is there any other alternative? I think so. That is why they must go and press on, considering various options and reaching a consensus that will satisfy all parties. It may not be enough but the reality is that is their other alternatives, I think there are,” he added.

He indicated that “There are various other things that can be done because if you give 20 percent COLA it can drag us into some problems, the risk is so terrible and we should not venture.”


Asare Solomon Aristocrat
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