Passport office contact numbers made available to curb corruption and ensure fair treatment

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has introduced helpline numbers to address instances of mistreatment and corruption experienced by applicants at different passport offices nationwide.

The Ministry strongly encourages individuals who encounter any form of mistreatment or extortion from staff members to promptly reach out for assistance. Applicants can utilize the provided helpline numbers or send correspondence via email:


Last week, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, conducted an unannounced visit to a passport office, where she expressed her dismay regarding the prevailing corruption involving both staff members and intermediaries known as ‘goro boys and girls’.

In a statement issued on August 17th, the Ministry highlighted its concern about these incidents and emphasized that the introduced helpline numbers are aimed at curbing this troubling issue.

Here are the provided helpline numbers:

  1. 024-091-3284
  2. 024-079-3072
  3. 020-455-2056
  4. 020-455-2750
  5. 026-804-9031
  6. 026-979-4871

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has expressed deep concern over the distressing reports received from applicants regarding instances of extortion and ill-treatment encountered at certain Passport Application Centers (PACs). In a determined move to combat this issue, the Ministry is strongly encouraging individuals who experience mistreatment or corruption to promptly report such occurrences.

Furthermore, the Ministry has advised applicants against interacting with personnel who lack proper identification, specifically name tags.

A significant policy point highlighted is that all officers who have served for a duration exceeding one year will undergo rotation and be reassigned.

Please find below the complete statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration:

Asare Solomon Aristocrat
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