Muntaka encourages tricycle operators to adhere to KMA’s prohibition

Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak, the Member of Parliament (MP) representing Asawase, has appealed to tricycle operators to refrain from taking matters into their own hands and instead, adhere to the directive issued by the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly. This directive pertains to limiting their movement in specific areas within the city.

Furthermore, he has committed to initiating discussions with municipal officials in order to address any issues related to the directive. His aim is to promote orderliness within the region.

He expressed his dissatisfaction regarding recent disturbances that occurred on the premises of the KMA, resulting in a clash between certain tricycle operators who were demanding the release of confiscated tricycles.

He cautioned the tricycle operators against resorting to violence against the police and damaging public property while seeking resolution for their grievances.

The MP for Asawase, speaking to a gathering of tricycle operators, also appealed to city authorities to approach the implementation of the directive in a practical manner.

“I personally agree that considering the congestion in Kumasi and our suburbs, as well as the way some individuals are driving the pragya vehicles, it is a legitimate concern. However, as leaders, we must not overlook the fact that solving one problem should not lead to creating another. Our approach to addressing the issue should aim for a mutually beneficial outcome,” he emphasized.

“I consistently emphasize that we should explore ways to provide assistance. It’s undeniable that many individuals depend on this for their livelihoods. Therefore, as leaders addressing the issue, we must adopt a practical approach that benefits everyone involved. My suggestion has always been that while we can’t allow them to continue their current practices, we should consider how to instill order. In my opinion, one of the most feasible approaches is to implement congestion charges for vehicles like trotros, pragyas, and aboboyaas,” Mr. Mubarak expressed.

The Public Relations Officer for the Tricycle Drivers Union, Al-Asbat Alhassan Sidi, conveyed their intention to maintain communication with city authorities. He also mentioned that they would advise their members to comply with the directive.

“We extend our gratitude to our MP. Our next step is to engage with the KMA regarding their implementation plan, especially since they have indicated it will continue until Friday. Our aim is to collaborate with them and prevent any chaotic situations,” Al-Asbat Alhassan Sidi commented.

“They should provide us with clear directives to adhere to, ensuring that no one ends up at a disadvantage,” he emphasized.

Asare Solomon Aristocrat
Asare Solomon Aristocrat

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