Mother ‘cooks’ son with hot water, locks him in room for 7days in Accra

[Images] Mother 'cooks' son with hot water, locks him in room for 7days in Accra

A mother has caused serious burns to the body of her own son after she poured hot water on him for being stubborn at Kisseman in Accra.

As if that was not enough, the woman whose name is given as Cynthia locked up the boy inside the room to conceal the wounds from her neighbours.

According to an eyewitness who spoke to this reporter, the woman locked the 19-year-old boy together with his other siblings in the room.

The eyewitness added that for more than seven days, anytime the woman wants to go to town, she locks her children in the room to prevent them from talking to anyone in the house.

However, on Friday, September 10, 2021, when she again locked up the boy and his other siblings in the room and stepped out, the children started to bang the door loudly.


The eyewitness told this reporter that it was when she decided to check what was happening in the room that she heard someone groaning in pain. She quickly looked through the window but could not believe her eyes.

According to her, she raised an alarm which attracted other neighbours to the house to rescue the children from the locked room.

The boy, out of fear, lied that he fell into water but after persuasion from the concerned people, he admitted that his mother intentionally poured the hot water on him.

The case was reported to the Tenaso Police station and the mother was arrested the following day when she tried to escape with her other children.

The woman has been detained whiles the victim has been admitted and receiving treatment at the Ridge General Hospital, Accra.

Florence Akosua Gyeduaa
Florence Akosua Gyeduaa

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