Love is rented not bought

File photo : A couple
File photo : A couple

There’s an old cliché that says, “Money can’t buy love.” But is that actually true? There’s research to suggest that, up until a certain income level, money certainly can have a positive influence on your relationship. In this article, I’m going to dive into the fact that love is rented not bought.

People from all walks of life might have experienced heartbreak in one way or the other. Some say he is my crush yet doesn’t give me attention. Others indicate she is a lady after my heart yet can’t see the chemistry. I even bought her IPhone 12 Pro but it’s still the same old story. What does a guy or lady look out for when it comes to love?

This article isn’t backed by a desire to remind you of any bad love experience. Instead, I humbly intend to write to educate, inform & entertain you. Growing up in a typical Christian home, there were things we weren’t allowed to do. As such, thoughts of going out with girls never crossed my mind. I am extremely shy.

I don’t know whether I can mingle with friends of the opposite sex anytime soon. We were often described as the “Jons” simply because our behaviour was entirely different from the usual “hunters”. As a young boy, there were times, I felt really uncomfortable. One fateful Sunday after church service, on my way home, I met a woman who told a story worth sharing with you today.

She said at age eleven, I want to believe you’re single. I was shocked because I wasn’t expecting this from a woman of her calibre. Besides, I was famished & needed to get home as early as possible. She indicated that my boy i know you’re exhausted but lend me a listening ear.

It was my first time seeing her so I was a bit frightened but curious. Can money buy love? was her first question to me. I was silent for a while. My silence rather landed me in trouble. I have a story for you was her next message to me.

Feeling hungry but hijacked by an unknown woman, I became infuriated. Must I ignore her boring message or I might need it in the near future? Fear began to grip me. So I said Auntie, can i go now? My mum calls. She replied with a burning look, not until I’m done with a story I have for you. These were her words:

“As you grow, consider that you can rent love but never buy it. Love is natural. Never force anyone to love you. A woman must love you more than the way you love her. There are times when the affluent will maneuver their way through with money to buy love but it won’t stand the test of time.

They just rented love but didn’t buy it. Love is priceless, my dear. Anything you rent is time bound. The rightful owner will claim it one day. Make God the centre of your affairs and be humble. Humility will take you to the Palace but pride will destroy you. The choice is yours, boy”.

Indeed, her admonition went a long way to inspire me positively. Over the years, I have longed to see her again. Some men who built houses for women all in anticipation to buy their love had had the shock of their lives. As I speak they haven’t recovered from the shock yet. It simply suggests that they were renting love not buying it.

We are often carried away by material things. But hey, there are some girls who wouldn’t marry you even if you become the President of this country. In the same vein, there are some guys who wouldn’t marry you even if you give them all the contemporary satisfaction in bed. It’s just a rented love and bound to end in tears.

Never try to impress them. So I say that love can be rented not bought. I humbly implore you to be aware of this and wait for your rightful partner. Don’t engage in fornication to impress him. Like I said you are just using it to rent his love. Let’s understand this and we will be free from unnecessary heart break.

Source: Stephen Bernard Donkor

Asare Solomon Aristocrat
Asare Solomon Aristocrat

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