Incredible Fit Breakfasts That’ll Make You Drool!

Recipe inventor Eva has perfected the art of healthy vegan recipes that are void of refined sugar. This German design student is an avid lover of nature, sustainability, and wellness. It’s food that lifts up your mind, spirit, and body, which we all need nowadays.

Many food inspo accounts on Instagram are laden with greasy, cheesy, and carb-loaded images. While they might be heavenly to fantasize about, they never make us feel good afterwards, and can leave a lingering bloat.

Instead, Eva’s creations are wholesome for you inside and out. They taste delicious and will make your skin, hair, and nails glow since they’re naturally filled with the minerals and vitamins of fruits and vegetables. But who said wholesome had to be boring or unpleasant to eat?

There are so many colorful and mouthwatering pictures to scroll through in her feed, it’s hard to choose just one. Take this “Matcha Nicecream,” which is a decadent (but healthy) take on matcha ice cream, filled with brownie protein bar chunks and puffed red millet.

We adore the healthy versions of junk food that she creates, like this meticulously crafted blue ombre pil of pancakes. She got the blue coloring from blue spirulina, infusing even more nutrition. We’d love to spend one of our cheat days with this queen of food and eat two servings of this!

Sweets are definitely an Eva specialty, but this time, the waffles get a savory remix. Green pea waffles are served with tahini, a tofu scramble, tomatoes, coriander, and pretty avocado slices topped with sesame seeds. It’s packed with protein and works for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

We really can’t get over these nicecream bowls, because they look like the refreshing essence of summer, and also the colors come out so dreamy and creamy every time. This one is half raspberry, half matcha, with kiwi and cookie-dough protein bar bits. She was obsessed with the combination, and we are too, TBH.

Eva’s crepes are also off the chain. When she visited her fellow food blogger friend in Berlin, she made these crepes filled with raspberry soy yogurt, figs, and maple syrup. She points out that crepes are wonderful for versatility, as you can basically fill them with anything you want. So many options! Like a sandwich, but way better.

And yes, she makes drinks, and they look like something that a unicorn came up with. The gorgeous and surreal color from this tea comes from butterfly pea tea. On its own, it has a blue coloring, but when you add a citrus juice, it turns a beautiful pink and purple. The flavor is mildly sweet with the tiniest hint of floral.

And while we can never get out fill of crepes and faux ice creams, but we can never turn town a hearty bowls. Bowls are easy to assemble and heartier than salads. This is a Buddha bowl, filled with fried tofu, kidney beans, quinoa, cucumber, hummus, and baked pumpkin. The sprinkle of basil really finishes it all off – lots of protein, but lots of other important nutrients as well.

We really appreciate how all of this foodie’s pictures are so colorful. Sure, maybe she lays it out so well because she’s a design student and it comes naturally, but did you know that when foods are presented in a vibrant, colorful, and interesting way, we’re more excited about eating it? No more sad salads, guys!

Sushi might be intimidating for some, but when it’s vegan, the risks become much lower. This one is filled with avocado, veggies, and fried tofu, which she calls her “standard sushi filling.” Important note: add rice vinegar and maple syrup to your sushi rice for a more nuanced flavor.

Our peanut butter toast definitely does not look like this. Maybe if it did we’d want to eat it more! Upgrade from the standard PH & J sandwich with these plump blueberries, or upgrade your chocolate spread with some thinly sliced bananas, hemp seeds, and a (light) sprinkling of chocolate sprinkles. Which one would you pick?

Florence Akosua Gyeduaa
Florence Akosua Gyeduaa

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