I Never Jabbed Flowking Stone – Strongman Replies Critics

Strongman and Flow king Stone

Strongman has shut down claims that he took shots at the fellow rapper, Flowking Stone in his latest single titled, ‘Last Verse’.

The song, which was released last month, was lifted off his EP:  ‘The Tape’. As usual, Strongman went very hard on the song and bragged he is the best rapper, adding most of the other rappers are “undefined.”  His use of “flow and long” in some verses of the song got much thinking he was taking shots at Flowking Stone.

But in an interview with Luv FM in Kumasi, he said he wasn’t talking about Flowking. According to him, he was only rhyming with ‘flow’ and ‘king’ in his song.

“Flowking Stone hasn’t done anything to me, so why will I jab him? It was never a jab at him. Flowking is more like a big brother to me. We do chat,” he indicated.

“When I was shooting this song’s video, I needed a keyboard so we had to contact Flowking since he has used that keyboard before so he even showed us where we are supposed to go for the keyboard. I am not going to diss him. I think ‘flow’ and ‘king’ came at the same time so people think that way…my manager should have corrected me. It wasn’t intentional, I cross my heart, it wasn’t intentional. I just dropped the song and saw people commenting, that was when I got to know but people will always take it that way but trust me, it wasn’t about Flowking Stone,” he added.

Florence Akosua Gyeduaa
Florence Akosua Gyeduaa

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