Hajia4Real’s plans to return to Ghana by July have been disrupted as she has been denied bail by a U.S. court.

Hajia4Real, the Ghanaian socialite and musician, also known as Mona Faiz Montrage, is currently facing a series of charges in the United States. Unfortunately, she has been denied bail by a U.S. court, putting her plans to return to Ghana by July in uncertainty.

Kofi Adoma, the host of KOFI TV, has obtained new information revealing that Hajia4Real’s bail request did not meet the requirements set by the U.S. Department of Justice. This development has dealt a blow to her aspirations of returning to Ghana alongside her daughter. She had requested the court to ease her bail conditions, allowing her limited movement within certain areas while under house arrest.

According to court documents presented by United States Attorney Damian Williams from the Southern District of New York, Hajia4Real is accused of being involved in a $2 million romance scam, as well as charges of wire fraud, money laundering, and receipt of stolen funds. Williams further stated that based on the gathered evidence, Hajia4Real could potentially face a prison sentence of four to seven years for her alleged involvement in the romance scam.

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Shortly before receiving the unfortunate news, Hajia4Reall took to Instagram Live to provide an update on her situation and express her eagerness to return to Ghana in the near future. However, the recent developments in her legal case have cast a shadow of uncertainty over her plans.

On May 15, court documents released in New York outlined the charges against Hajia4Reall, which include conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud, money laundering conspiracy, money laundering, conspiracy to receive stolen money, and receipt of stolen money. Each charge carries a significant potential prison sentence if she is ultimately found guilty.

As the legal proceedings unfold, all attention will be focused on the court as evidence is presented and the truth regarding the allegations against Hajia4Reall is revealed. Supporters and fans of Hajia4Reall will have to wait for further updates on the progress of her legal case and hope for a fair and just resolution to this challenging situation.

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