Ghanaians have lost confidence in politicians — Pastor

The Head Pastor of the Freedom Power Center in Kumasi, Rev Kwame Owusu aka ‘Do me, I do you’ says Ghanaians have lost hope in politicians.

He noted that politicians after convincing the electorates to give them the chance, neglect the very people who voted them into power.

In an interview with this reporter in Kumasi, the man of God said Ghanaians have been subjected to nothing but constant suffering and hardship.

Rev Kwame Owusu indicated that the country is in a deep economic crisis due to failed leadership.

He noted that instead of the politicians focused on finding solutions to problems, they rather focus attention on winning the next election.

“And for these reasons who will develop confidence in the politicIans,” the clergy quizzes.

According to Rev Kwame Owusu, greed, self-centeredness and arrogance of the country’s leaders have caused the nation a lot.

He stressed that politicians in Ghana have also relegated patriotism to the background and only focused on amassing wealth.

To reverse the trend, Rev Kwame Owusu pleaded with the politicians to consider the sufferings Ghanaians are currently going through and avoid actions that will provoke the youth.

The pastor posited that it is time government sit up and find ways to alleviate the hardship the youth are facing.

King Amoah

King Amoah

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