Examples of human augmentation in daily life

  1. Replication Examples
  1. Naked Prosthetics: a corporation that makes custom hand medicine for people World Health Organization has had their fingers amputated. they are one in every of the primary finger medicine makers to supply their users with extraordinarily elevated levels of adroitness.

  1. eSight: A wearable device like glasses that has de jure blind people with the flexibility to examine their atmosphere. The device has cameras on the front that absorb the atmosphere in near-eye quality and show it on a screen that sits right before the wearer’s eyes.

  2.. Supplementation Examples

  1. Exoskeletons: wearable, mechanical devices which will be worn on the skin of the body. They usually offer the user artificial strength and endurance. The Sarcos Guardian is AN example of AN industrial skeleton that allows a person’s employee to raise to two hundred pounds, perform precise operations with significant machinery, and handle repetitive motions while not strain.

  1. Neural ink: Another project by Elon Musk with the final word goal of making a brain-computer interface (BCI). If winning, the project would allow people to move with a laptop on a neural level. while this project stays in its infancy, Musk includes documentation of creating not concepts a reality.
  • Exceeding Examples
  1. Zapata Flyboard Air: A turbine-powered hoverboard. the motive force stands on prime of it sort of a skateboard or board and may fly up to five hundred feet within the air. while the device is obtainable for purchase, quotes hover around 1 / 4 of 1,000,000 greenbacks. That said, the corporate is functioning to form the merchandise a lot of sensible and reasonable.

  1. Invisibility Cloak: the concept of turning invisible captures people’s imaginations, and while we tend to do not have the technology prepared nonetheless, we tend to are becoming nearer. many researchers have already return up with ways that to form sure surfaces and objects are invisible, and they are trying to use constant ideas to human cloaking.

  1. Artificial Blood Cell:  while still theoretical, analysis by Henry M. Robert Freitas Jr. has explored the chance of making liquid cells. this idea was born from analysis into mammals—whales, dolphins, etc.—who will hold their breath underwater for prolonged periods of your time. the idea is that their blood cells square measure higher at storing gas, that we would be ready to recreate.
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