Dan Botwe believes that Bawumia is the most effective strategic option for the NPP in 2024.

Daniel Botwe, the Member of Parliament for the Okere constituency and the current Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, has ended his period of silence and publicly endorsed Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as the optimal strategic choice for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the upcoming 2024 elections.

During a gathering of party members in Okere, Dan Botwe, who boasts an extensive and distinguished history within the NPP, expressed his viewpoint.

Drawing upon his considerable experience within the party, Botwe underscored his profound understanding of the NPP and its prominent figures.

While acknowledging the presence of ten contenders competing for the party’s flagbearer position, he conveyed his respect for all candidates while restating his steadfast commitment to the NPP.

“In terms of the future of our cherished nation, Ghana, the NPP stands alone as the party capable of ensuring advancement,” declared Dan Botwe, rallying the audience.

With a sharp focus on the political landscape and an intimate grasp of the party’s internal dynamics, the experienced statesman emphasized the critical nature of a strategic decision to secure triumph in the upcoming elections.

“After thorough deliberation and meticulous analysis, I am firmly convinced that the most prudent strategic move for the NPP is to select Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as our flagbearer,” asserted Botwe, evoking applause from the attendees. He further underscored Bawumia’s impeccable track record of competence and unwavering loyalty to the NPP as the foundation for his endorsement.

Asare Solomon Aristocrat
Asare Solomon Aristocrat

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