Churches Always Hold Crusade For Barren Women Why Not Men With Low Sp£rm Count – Man Quizzes

Nigerian publisher who doubles as a journalist has quizzes why churches always hold a crusade for women who are not being able to give birth leaving the men.

It has now become very normal in many churches to schedule some days dedicated to women who are tagged as barren or can’t give birth for prayers.

Most women are faulted in many marriages as the cause of problems especially when it comes to birth issues but men can relatively be a problem too.

This Nigerian journalist Identified as Solomon Ogar has taken to the popular visual platform, Instagram to rhetorically asks why many churches have the mindset of doing crusade for women but forget that men can also have low sp£rm count

Normally, women seem to have the most issues when it comes to birthday issues but they can’t be fault entirely because there’s a man with a low sp£rm count can’t also prevent his significant other from conceiving.

He wrote, “Why is that most churches don’t hold crusades for low sp£rm count & premature ejaculation in men but it is always about barren women & fruit of the womb?”

Florence Akosua Gyeduaa
Florence Akosua Gyeduaa

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