Australian High Commissioner to exit Ghana over alleged involvement in LGBTQI+ matters

Australian High Commissioner to exit Ghana over alleged involvement in LGBTQI+ matters

The Australia High Commissioner to Ghana, H.E Gregory Andrews, is expected back home in Australia before December 25.

His recall to Canberra, Australia, is as a result of a petition by some Ghanaians in the diaspora calling on the Australian government to remove him from office in order to safeguard the “cordial relations existing between the two countries”.

There are claims that Gregory Andrews is being recalled because of his alleged involvement in LGBTQ+ campaigns in Ghana, which has created some disquiet for him within the country.


A letter sighted by and signed by Ghana’s High Commissioner to Australia, Dr. Joseph Agoe, stated that “the posture of H.E Gregory Andrews concerning the promotion of LGBTQ+ affairs was at variance with responsibilities of a High Commissioner/Ambassador and the dignity that comes with the position”.


Part of the letter also stated that “at a meeting held on Thursday, August 5, 2021, I [Dr. Joseph Agoe] submitted that, H.E Gregory Andrews’s behaviour is unacceptable and could potentially mar the strong and very cordial relations existing between our two countries”.


While in office for 18 months, the soon-to-be-former High Commissioner supervised eight West African countries including Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo, which have a combined population of over 120 million.

Speaking to Citi News‘ Fred Duhoe on the back of his planned exit, the High Commissioner expressed his heartfelt appreciation to citizens of the eight countries, especially in Ghana, for their kindness.

“Sadly, I am leaving Ghana. The Ghanaian people have been so kind to me, and my regular blood donations here transcend the so-called differences between different nations and people”.

After taking part in a national blood donation exercise for the third time, he noted that “at least three Ghanaians have my blood running in their veins. In reality, we are first and foremost all human beings who deserve compassion and kindness. This is what I will remember from my time in Ghana–our common humanity.”

His stay in Ghana may have been short-lived, but the Australian High Commissioner to Ghana has so many stories to share about Ghanaian food, music, and many other fond memories.

He has at various times mingled with ordinary citizens on the streets of Accra and the other countries he visited within his jurisdiction.

He pulled a truckload of coconuts, rode in a tricycle, pushed ice cream as a vendor, and drove in goods carrying vehicles under disguise.


Gregory Andrew is a staunch human rights defender and a climate change advocate.

He loves nature and has always been in the company of mountaineers on weekends riding bicycles and conquering hills miles away from Accra.

Gregory reported in office in July 2020 and has done barely two years in office but has impacted many people that came in contact with him.


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