Using power, money, fame, influence to settle personal scores sets your generation up for eternal curse — Duncan-Williams

Using power, money, fame, influence to settle personal scores sets your generation up for eternal curse — Duncan-Williams

The Action Chapel International Ministries General Overseer and Presiding Archbishop, Nicholas Duncan-Williams has said those who use power, fame, money, influence, access and position as means to settle personal scores and revenge are only setting themselves and their generation up for eternal curse.

He noted that the abuse of power and wealth to destroy others invoke curses against one’s bloodline to the extent of wiping out that generation completely.

“I’ve never heard anyone name his son after Hitler and it was because of the evil that was done to a race, to a people, to a generation by him,” he stated.

According to the Archbishop, the evil that was done to the Jews by Hitler always followed him. He hated the Jewish and never had the opportunity to show it until he had power.

He continued that, what men and women do when they have power, money, influence and access is always something that has been in them but unfortunately, “It takes power and money to reveals and bring it out”.

The Archbishop took the opportunity to advise his congregants to be careful about how they use power.

“What you do with power would determine whether you have a place in eternity or a place in history,” he intimated.

According to him, there are people who would not have a place in eternity neither would they have a place in history and their “Entire descendants would never be remembered in eternity or by history” he posited.

He made these revelations during a sermon in his church monitored on his Facebook page “Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams”.

The Papa as he is affectionately called took the opportunity to seek the face of God for his congregation that should they be in the position of “power, the day when you have the ear of the king and influence and money and access and relevance, you would not settle scores with people”.

He added, “You will not go witching hunting people. Trying to destroy innocent people. That you will not use power to kill and destroy people’s fathers and mothers and loved ones”.

He rather beseeched them to use power to build as Nelson Mandela did. Quoting from Mr. Mandela when he was discharged after twenty-seven years in imprisonment, the Archbishop said “As I stand before the door to my freedom, I realise that, if I don’t leave behind me, my bitterness and my unforgiveness, I would walk through this door to my freedom and still be in prison”.

According to him, he is praying for all leaders and his church members not to allow unforgiveness, the wrong done them and the bitterness of the things they have been subjected to determine how they use power and treat people.

“For we are accountable and we shall be held by God and we shall be accountable one day,” he emphasised.

DC Kwame Kwakye

DC Kwame Kwakye

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