Advocates for Christ Ghana (A4CG) press statement on LGBT+ rights

A4CG urges Ghanaians to be vigilant and diligent in protecting our traditional definition of gender
A4CG urges Ghanaians to be vigilant and diligent in protecting our traditional definition of gender

We, A4CG, take note of the recent outdooring in Accra of the office of LGBT+ Rights Ghana on 31st January, 2021, and the subsequent release of a press statement by the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values on 11th February, 2021.

Whereas the former group, by its event, sought to provide a rallying point for garnering and entrenching open support and normalization of homosexuality in Ghana, the latter, by its statement, seeks to counter such efforts by rightly proclaiming that there is nothing humane about blurring the lines in human sexuality nor in redefining same, while pointing out the position of the laws of Ghana on homosexuality.

Following the release of the statement by the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values, LBGT+ Rights and its allies have proceeded to unleash unwarranted personal attacks on Mr. Moses Foh Amoaning, the General Secretary of the Coalition, an act we unreservedly condemn.

We consider that singling out Mr. Foh Amoaning for such attacks only serves the disingenuous purpose of shifting focus from the unacceptability of homosexuality to the Ghanaian people to making a homophobic character out of a person who is part of a group of eminent Ghanaians committed to preserving what is right, and what is acceptable to the Ghanaian.

We wish to remind the LGBT+ Rights Ghana that the interpretation of the laws of Ghana is not subject to the prejudices of lobbyist organizations. We further wish to challenge the Government of Ghana to safeguard the laws of the country and resist attempts by any entity – local and/or foreign – to misinterpret and, worse, rewrite our laws; laws that give due regard to the cherished culture and social values of the Ghanaian people.

In this regard, we commend Madam Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, for rightly serving notice that our power to preserve our cherished cultural values will not be placed at the mercy of foreign powers.

We call on the IGP, Mr James Oppong-Boanuh to act on this breach of our law, and to immediately arrest any individuals who are engaged in promoting activities in contravention of our laws and we expect that our incoming Attorney General – Lawyer Godfred Dame will assist in upholding our laws by prosecuting identified offenders.

We call on the Minister for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Ebenezer Kojo Kum, to speak up on this attempt to offend and destroy our cultural and religious sensibilities. We commend the Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection designate – Ms Adjoa Safo on her comments during vetting, where she upheld the constitutional position on this matter.

We urge her to continue to be vigilant and diligent in protecting our traditional definition of gender (namely, male and female) and to resist attempts by groups or other nations to use the power of wealth and threats to corrupt that definition and the values underpinning it.

We commit to proactively support her defence of our constitution. We call on the National House of Chiefs and Queen Mothers’ Association to take note that some of our beloved sons and daughters need counselling to recognize, promote and preserve proper human sexual behaviour.

We have not forgotten the attempts made in 2019 to sneak LGBTQIA+ ideology into our education system. We continue to diligently monitor that space and assure all entities that any attempt to introduce any aspect of such ideologies into our schools will be firmly resisted by the good people of this country.

We are also watching the activities of some organizations who, in violation of the laws of Ghana and in disregard for the culture and religious expressions of the Ghanaian people, appear to be promoting the LGBTQIA+ ideologies and practices in various communities. We shall call such organizations out when evidence of their activities is at hand.

We wish to emphasize that the matter of human sexuality is of great national interest with deep cultural, religious, social and political repercussions. The opposition to the deliberate attempts to impose LGBTQIA+ tendencies and ideologies on our nation under the pretence of ‘human rights’ will continue, regardless of any name-calling antics by organizations such as LGBT+ Rights Ghana.

We, A4CG, continue to affirm that the Bible, God’s word, is true and authoritative for mankind. While clearly indicating that behaviours like homosexuality are detestable to God and destructive to humans, it also clearly teaches that God is able to redeem all who have a disposition to the practice.

We encourage all those who have been/are being swept by the tide of the times to practice and defend homosexuality to consider what God – the author of life – says about the issue, and yield to Him to discover what it means to be made in the image of God.

We urge (Christian) parents and guardians to look out for any attempts aimed at corrupting their wards on this matter and to report these to the state for action.

May the leaders of our beloved country continue to uphold our Ghanaian cultural values and defend our laws from corruptions within and without. May they not by their actions, break the hedge of protection God has placed over this nation. (Ecclesiastes 10:8).

Ghana’s prosperity hinges on the respect our nation gives to God’s prescriptions for life, and not on the apparent favours extended to us by nations that disregard the authority and sovereignty of God. ‘The battle is still the Lord’s’.

Source: Advocates for Christ

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